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We provide professional photography services for the real estate, vacation rental, construction and design markets. Whether you are marketing a $50M lakefront or a modest townhouse near one of the ski resorts, we can scale our services to meet your budget.

Flash Photography

Our flagship interior photographs are created utilizing a combination of flash, available light and artistic manual processing. This process results in natural looking photographs that also showcase the views out the windows.

Flash photography is our preferred product because of it’s superior results. Virtually any property will benefit from flash photography, but it is especially useful to overcome difficult lighting situations where the sun is streaming through windows or where the view makes the shot.

HDR Photography

In recent years, High Dynamic Range photography (HDR) has become pervasive because of it’s ease of use to overcome some of the challenges of traditional photography. HDR is an inexpensive process where the photographer takes a series of bracketed exposures of the scene and then processes them using specialty software that combines the photos in such a way as to show detail in both highlight and shadow areas. 

We are happy to utilize HDR on smaller projects or in well-lit rooms where the view out the window is not a factor. But even the very best HDR is no match for the quality we can achieve adding flash to the photos and then manually processing the images in Photoshop. 

Drone Photography

Drone photography has taken the industry by storm in recent years, opening up new possibilities for showcasing the best aspects of your Tahoe home.

We are insured, licensed and experienced with drones and drone photography and video.

Property Video

For a moving experience, add a property video to your marketing program. Videos are about 90 seconds in length…long enough to entertain but not too long…and can include drone footage.

Because all of our services can be scaled, please contact us for a quote on your property. 

Great Photos

Photos draw people into your post. If the photo is alluring, it’ll get people’s attention. Professional photos sell properties faster and for higher prices, so it’s important that you include high-quality images online with all of your listings. It’s also important to make sure your images aren’t sized too small, sites like domain.com.au now accept high-resolution images, so upload large high-quality images, and your property will be displayed in all its glory.

High-Quality Video

Video content is becoming more and more popular online and has one of the highest engagement rates of all the content types. If you’re putting together a real estate video or property tour, you’ll benefit if you hire a professional videographer. While some videos can be casual and less professional, marketing videos and property tours gain more traction when they are higher quality. If your marketing budget permits, investing in professional videos can be a game changer for your marketing strategy.

Compelling Headlines and Descriptions

While quality videos and photos are what draw people into your site, compelling content and descriptions are just as important. If your descriptions are poorly written and the words don’t further convince readers to take the next step, they likely won’t get in touch with you.

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